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Expected weight loss on hcg

How fast can I expect to lose? I lost 4 lbs yesterday and only 1 today. This is day 4 of phase 1 for me and the first time I have tried the hcg diet.
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The average for women is about .5 pound per day. You lose more your first week then it drops off. 1 pound is normal, I always lose a few pounds on day 1, then it drops off. Also once you start getting closer to your goal weight your losses may also start to slow. I just started a new round, but on my last round I lost almost close to 10 pounds the first week!
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Hi Mara,

My wife started on the 2nd Jan and she has lost about 18 lbs. So initially you can expect a good weight loss. Just make sure that you really stick to the HCG Protocol.
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I am new to hcg, went to dr. And I am doing the shots, very very expensive. . I am on day 20 of the 500 cal and lost only 12-13 lbs. I really am disappointed when everyone else is losing 30 in a month and the medical assistant says I will lose the 30 but I am almost finished with my month. Give me tips and encouragement pls about when I stop the shots and go to the maintenance phase, I think it's called. When can I go back on shots and pls tell me where to get pharmaceutical grade hcg other than dr. Office,   Way to much $$$ there.  I am determined to get this off.  I am somewhat muscular and actually very shapely.  A paramedic, I definitely do not look like I weigh what I do. I want this weight gone. Thanks...
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