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HCG info - have you tried it? where did you go?

Looking into doing the HCG INJECTIONS
most places are wanting $800 for 4 rounds I've heard mixed reviews and im skeptical to believe theres something out there you inject that makes you lose weight with no side effects.
any reviews on the hcg injections?
where did you go to get yours?
saw a lot of people buy them in mexico and do them at home.... this sounds shady to me!
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Hi, I have went from a size 18 to my now size ten and just started another round over the weekend. I order from a pharmacy in Canada that is very reputable and have had no ill side effects since I have been using HCG. I have used it on and off for almost a year now and have not gained any of it back. My last round I finished at the end of December, so it has been 7 months and still no weight gain. I used to get them from my dr, but it was just way to expensive. So I ordered them online and did them myself, and that is how I prefer to do it now because when I mix it myself, I know that it is fresh. HCG is good for about 14days or so before it starts to lose its potency.
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