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HCG or HHCG...That is the question?

So which do you take.  Many people swear that taking HCG by injection like a diabetic is the best way to take HCG.  Many say that taking HHCG by taking drops under the tonge and swollowing them after keeping it under the tonge for 30 seconds or so works as well.  I have seen people who do both and they both seem to lose a lot of weight.  My daughter takes HHCG under the tonge as do I.  She has lost over 125 lbs in about a year.  I just started and I have only been taking HHCG since September of 2010.  I have lost 45 lbs.  

Some people taking the injections with HCG say they do not get hunger pains when they take HCG.  They say that the small amount of alcohol in the HHCG causes hunger.  I have not had problems with hunger.  Even when I am not dieting and I am in a phase where I need to eat but don't...I am not hungry.  I have however had many cravings, but the key is to get through the cravings as you would any other time.  

I have a different prospective on HCG than maybe others do.  I look at what I can afford.  HHCG Mediral is taking under the tonge and I purchase mine on EBay for about $29.95 for 2 (2 oz) bottles.  That is a great price.  Many people pay the $88 or $125 for a round of medications.  One 2 oz bottle will last 40 days which is one long round.  I get two bottles so my wife does it with me.  She has gone from 180 lbs to 135 lbs.  She will be doing a short Round (21) days with me in March when I do this again after my required break between rounds.  She is hoping to lose another 10 lbs and get down to 125 lbs.  Wow...R U kidding me.  That alone is worth it.  To go from Obeast to Healthy.  From 280 lbs to 175 lbs...Wow.

So all I can say is choose what you want to do, read the Pounds to Inches Manuscript and talk to you doctor.  I did with mine because I am a diabetic and have high blood pressure.  He knows I am going to do this anyway so he would rather be a part of monitoring me and making sure what I do is safe.  Now he is a believer.  So do what you think is right for you.
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I use HCG hucog 5000 iu powder that I mix with B12 and colloidal silver.It comes from Singapore through Pharmacy Escrow. I use it as a sublingual drop twice daily although you can mix it for injections if that's the way you wantIt's a little over $100 for 3 vials but I guess that's the average price.I thought about buying the pre-mixed drops but i have heard that there isn't a high concentration of HCG in the premix. I guess it's against the law to sell pure 100% HCG in the United States.
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I take the injections and they work wonderfully.  This is my 2nd round and I have no hunger issues.  With that being said, I did have some hunger issues my 1st round but feel that was due to not loading correctly or possibly having a bad batch of hcg.  This round is a breeze and I'm losing beautifully.  
Do what you works for you and is safe.  
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no shots for me yuck ..will I get the HCG drops from the health food store I have a good one nearby called 'sprouts' I am not a diabetic but do have unstable blood sugar.
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