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What will you do after HCG?

Wondering what everyone is planning on doing for weight control once off of HCG?  

After my first round I did Atkins which worked very well for about 3 months.  Then my cravings took over!  I could have killed for a bowl of cereal.  It was difficult for me b/c I have 2 little one's that could eat cereal for breakfast lunch and dinner.  I think Atkins is a wonderful way of life but for me I just couldn't handle it for very long.

I think this time around I might try calorie cycling.  That way I can have a variety of foods but still (hopefully) maintain my weight loss.  Has anyone had any luck with this diet?  What other diets have you found successful after hcg?

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I am getting nowhere in the past I have been good at sticking to a plan but now with concern about food prices skyrocketing its got worse ...yesterday I dint eat enough and felt bad this morning ..got to get it under control like I used to ...
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I will manage my weight on Phase 4 of the HCG diet.  I do not need to do anything else as Phase 4 is the life time maintenance Phase for HCG
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I saw your comment about managing your life style to maintain the weight loss and I've been aided a lot by just using a liquid drops blend of what is a vibrational blend of appetite suppressant and energy boost that has really aided me in holding my 24 pound weight loss. It's been months now since I ended my hcg.  It truly has helped me in making this lifestyle change.  
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heres a great article“… Dutch study in The British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology tried to resolve the question of whether the hCG diet really worked by analyzing 14 randomized clinical trials of the diet. Only two, including one co-written by an advocate of the diet, found that people on hCG lost more weight, felt less hunger and had an improved body shape, compared with people on the same 500-calorie diet who received a placebo, like saline injections.But several studies concluded that the ritual of the daily injection and the instant gratification of quick weight loss helped motivate people to stay on the diet.”

HCG is derived from the urine of pregnant women, and used in fertility clinics and as post steroid therapy by some athletes. It may also be dangerous as it raises estrogen and androgens, so say a women with a hormone dependent cancer (breast, etc) or a man with prostate cancer, etc, could make their condition worse. Doc mention that to you? It’s your body, your life, do what makes you happy. I just supply the actual science based facts as they exist, and they don’t change with your comments, or as my old proff used to say “emotions can never alter facts, but facts can alter emotions”..
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Well, since you are Spaming how much you hate HCG & those trying to get healthy with the British Pharmaceutical Journey, let me say that...1994 the FDA regulated dietary supplements as food, rather than as drugs.  Dietary supplements are not subject to safety and efficency testing and there are no approval requirements.  If it was illegal, they wouldn't sell it on the internet or Ebay.  Drugs on the otherhand are manufactured and the FDA oversite is by the Institute of Medicine who is responsible for the safety of drugs on the American Market.  I think the Key Word is MANUFACTURED.  That means business to the Pharmaceutical Industry...Oh wait, imagine that...the study you refer to is from the British Pharaceutical (Pharmacology) study...Lol
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The Hcg diet resets your brain to handle more calories and I have not found it a problem to just eat normal, It also says you should be able to handle hi calorie days much better. I do have some bad habits like eating Chocolate  bunnies and Santa though and I do eat 6 once size ones all at once sometimes. this is my own fault and may cause  me to gain.  But I have been dieting my whole life and this is what works for me. If I have to spend money on a diet it will be on this one. I have incorporated Flax bread and Capella drops into my diet. I really like them.  I also use vegetables so much more, like green beans instead of spaghetti pasta and zucchini instead of lasagna noodles. Hope this helps.

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