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HCG P2 Chicken, Bok Choy & Apple Cinnamon Slices

This is another Chicken dinner.  I use a skinless boneless chicken breast that has been measured to weigh 100 grams or 3.2 oz.  I normally cook it in two Tbsp of chicken basics chicken broth and let it steam in a covered pan only opening it to turn over.  I like to place spices on my chicken for flavor such as Fox Point which is a onion powder, scallion mixture and some BBQ spice powder.  I order my spices from Penzy's because they have the best spices anywhere.  (* see note)

Bok Choy is cabbage.  It is an oriental cabbage that I really like rather than the big heads.  I also steam cook this cabbage in kitchen basic chicken broth and a little spray of Braggs Amino Acid.  Braggs Amino Acid is a Soy Sauce substitute:  Bragg Liquid Aminos contains:

no chemicals
no artificial coloring
no alcohol
no preservatives
no Gluten
Certified NON-GMO

Finally, I slice apple and I place them in a lunch size zip lock bag.  I add a squeeze of lemon or lime juice and I put cinnamon and apple pie spice in them.  This is one tasty way to enjoy a Gala medium size Apple.  I like the Gala because of the cruch factor and they are juicy.

*Note...Spices in grocery stores have a shelf life and most of them have been shipped, stored in a wearhous and then to the store shelf.  Some of those spices are over 10 years old.  It may cost a little extra but do yourself a favor.  Buy a bag of Vietnamese Cinnamon.  it is the most fragrent and tasteful cinnamon in the world.  Pensy's sells a bag for about $4 or $5 dollars.  You will understand what I mean when I say, store bought spices are old and have no flavor or fragrance after you taste this.

Bon Appetit  
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Yet another delight...you founded this site on my birthday ...I eat Bok Choy a lot, I like the crunch better than lettuce ..
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