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HCG P2/P3 Pancakes & Strawberry sauce

Protien Powder Pancakes

1 egg
1 scoop of protien powder
1/2 t baking powder
1 dropper of chocolate stevia
1 dropper of cinnamon stevia

I found this recipe online from an hcg recipe site. original recipe said to use 1/2 t of vanilla and sweetener to taste. also for using vanilla flavored protien powder, I only had chocolate.

blend all ingrediants well, then add just enough water to make batter pancake consistancy. makes 5 pancakes. I used an medium ice cream scoop for his portions and it made 4.

Strawberry sauce

100g strawberries
1T walden farms pancake syrup

my berries were frozen, just heated till they released thier juices and then added the syrup and cooked it till it thickened enough to pour.

Bon Appetet
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Thank u! I am really thinking to give this a try! I luv pancakes and have been giving up on them :(
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I use Jay Robb Protein Powder that I get at GNC.  It is mostly used to make a protein shake.  It is also used in P2 of the HCG Diet and can be used to make some receipes.
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What is protein powder?
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