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HCG P2 Seaweed Crab/Asparagus Rolls

This is a P2 Seaweed Crab & Asparagus Roll that is easy and quick to make for lunch.  I leave to work early in the morning 5:30am and drive for 1 hour to get to work so I don't want to spend a lot of time making my lunch to take to work.  This is what I do for this meal:

Seaweed Sheet...10 calories (Rouge Item)  Takes the place of Melba Toast and is healthier than Melba.
I cook my asparagus (100 grams) and let it cool.  I open a can of crab (not imitation) and I split the crab into 3 small piles of a total of 100 grams.  Once the asparagus cools, I place the asparagus and the crab inside the seaweed and roll it up.  This makes a very good finger food at work with your protein and vegetable.  I also spray a little Braggs Amino Acid on the crab meat and I use it as the glue to keep the seaweed roll to stick once rolled.  Thats it

Bon Appetit
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Yes, you can make this with any veggie of choice.  Just depends on what season and whats available.  One thing about these receipes...you can substitute whatever you want to you like it.
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Can this be made w/another veggie? I don't like asparagus but I love crab and I can do the seaweed sheet.

I'm so limited on the HCG because I don't eat many veggies. From what Protocol says I'm allowed, I only eat cabbage & spinach (cooked..I don't like raw veggies).

Thanks for any help you can give.

Have a blessed day.
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