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HCG P3 Chicken Cherry Pecan salad wrap Cucumber Peachy ham and cheese bites

Chicken Cherry Pecan salad wrap (see recipe from previous day on p3 folder)
Cucumber Peachy ham and cheese bites
diced matos

Cucumber Peachy Ham N Cheese Bites

2 ultra thin slices of deli ham
2oz of cream cheese
1-2 TB of sf peach jam
half a cucumber cut into small sections and then hollowed out
sprinkle of chives
veggie garnish for color

i got half a cuke and cut it into 3, hollowed them out with a melon baller, in a snack size zip loc bag i mixed cream cheese, chives, finly diced ham or you can use turkey or chicken slices and peach jam, seal bag and keep mushing it till soft and well mixed, then push all the mix to one cornor of the bag, snip of the tip with sizzors and pipe into each cucumber cup, you can garnish with any color veggie or zest of fruit although it isnt nessesary, I cut mine in half to eat them easier sooo tasty!

My Daughters Receipe

Bon Appetet
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well this sounds really good your DD is a s good a cook as you are , they look yummy
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