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Acyclovir and HIV Test

Does Acyclovir alter or make a HIV TEST false negative.   Does Omperazole alter it as well.  

I still have a purple and red color rash on both sides of my thighs.   I noticed the some of the hair follicles  have dry white stuff, also there are bumps in some areas of the thigh.   Thigh looks wrinkle.   No sores.  At 10 Weeks I took a  Proviral DNA by PCR Test  and Elisa Test negative.   At 13 weeks, I took an Home Access test which  I was HIV negative.   For two weeks I had malaise, sore throat, heachache, nausea, joint pain and rash.    

I am thinking of doing another Test in 6 months because I believe Acyclovir could of alter a false negative.   I was reading that in HIV postive women Acyclovir reduces the viral load in there vagnia.  

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Aciclovir and omeprazole do not alter HIV tests.

The tests you have had have shown without doubt that you are HIV negative.

The various symptoms you describe are not relate to HIV,

best wishes, Sean
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Thank you for your response.   I feel sometimes like a fool for not being educated.   Thank you for being on this forum.

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