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3rd generation rapid at 9 weeks

Hello Dr. Jose!
I had an exposure about 9 weeks ago with csw. I used condom and seemed to be intact (no visual damages). However, since my friend told me that condoms can leak without me noticing I got freaked out and tested yesterday with a rapid antibody test named Determine(3rd generation as the doctor told me) and it was negative. The doctor told me that the 12 week guideline is outdated and that I should move on. He said that 8 weeks is the correct window period for 3rd generation rapid test. I have also reviewed the answers by Doctor Hook and Dr. HHH they seem to agree that my result is conclusive. I wonder If I can move on with my life  without worry? (from freedomhealth own forum I know that you consider INSTI to be conclusive after 8 weeks, but what about "Determine")? Do condoms break wide open or can they indeed leak ? Have you ever seen an 9 week negative turning positive later while using modern 3rd and 4th generation tests ?

Thank you very much
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Thank you very much for your post and welcome to our forum.
I do not thinkl that you need to worry at all.  Firstly your sexual encounter did not involve any HIV risk.  You used a condom and that is safe.  If the condom breaks, it usually rips and you would have noticed it.  Secondly you had a negative antibody test at 8 weeks.  That can be considered conclusive.  And thirdly, the leady in question was tested negative as well, even if it was an antibody test only after 4 weeks of the sexual encounter.  That would reduce the cahnces significantly that she was positive in the first place.
The protein that you take does not affect the realibility of the test.
In summary, I can assure you that you are HIV negative.  You do not need any further tests.  You ought to forget it and move on.
Best wishes,
Dr José
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Sorry Dr.Jose, I forgot to add that I am a healthy male(22 years ) old and I am not taking any medication except gym proteit, can it affect antibody production ?
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Sorry, for a lot of add-ups. The sexual worker in question tested negative 4 weeks after the exposure( however, she lives in Russia, so it is quite possible they still use 1st or 2nd generation test), however would you consider this fact at least reassuring ?
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