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About condoms

Dear doctor

I have some questions to ask you. Thanks a million

First I explain my behavior

In May 23rd I had a prostitution, protection of the vaginal intercourse, time is 2 minutes


1 I'm worried about her body fluid will penetrate condoms, then touch my genitals, because she offered condoms are too thin, and the quality is not good, I feel like I'm not wear a condom.

2 because she offered condoms are too thin, I worry about the side of condom  may be broken, and I have not found?

3 when sexual intercourse is over, I saw the top of condom  wrapped my semen, is excuse me this kind of protection is effective?

4.Condoms are too thin, poor quality, but not broken, Is this protection effective?

Do I have to worry about these? Do I have  risk of HIV infection? Thank you!!!
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Thank you for your post.
1.) I do not think that you need to worry about that.  Condoms are generally good quality and they are for the sex worker's protection, as much as four yours.  Condoms are safe, provided they remain in place and intact.
2.)  You would have noticed if the condom had come off or had ripped.  Therefore I am confident that the condom remained in place and intact.
3.) Yes, if the semen remained inside of the condom, that is a good sign that it was safe.
4.) Yes, they are safe.
No risk of STDs, and certainly no risk of HIV, if you are confident that the condom remained intact and in place, regardless of the condition of your urethra.  If you are in doubt, you could always get a general STD screening, for your reassurance and peace of mind.  
Best wishes,
Dr José
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I have 1 more questions

A condom can be 100% in the prevention of HIV, because it protects the urethra, my question is,

If urethral mouth without any damage,  can the HIV virus infect people?
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