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Accuracy of HIV 1 & 2 AB and P24 AG test in 45 Days

Dear Doc.

First i want to say thanks to all the doctors, I had a event about 55 days before and I got tested in UAE for HIV 1&2 AB and P24 AG test I dont know about the generation. But both came negative and the doctor said you dont need any more further testing. I have few questions

1) Is this HIV combo is relaible / Accurates in 45 days (If yes how much %)
2)IF antibody is not detectoble it will detect antigen rt ? is there any case that antibody and antigen will not be able to dectectable after 30 to 40 days of exposure?
3) Is this p24 antigen test will detect HIV 2 Antigen also ?
4) why few people are putting 3 months time ?

I am hoping for your response

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You're very welcome.

To your questions:-

1) Very reliable - approximating 99.99% at that point

2) Well over 99% of people who are infected with HIV will develop antibodies at 6 weeks. Your further question in point 2 is that an HIV DUO  = antibody and antigen will be greater than 99.99% accurate at that point. I have not experienced a false negative out of literally tens of thousands of tests at our facility in London.

3) the p24 is related to HIV 1. HIV2 is extremely rare. Even in West Africa where it is at its most common, HIV 1 is by far the most common form of HIV. As I say, well over 99% of people will form antibodies to either form by 6 weeks = 42 days so you are HIV negative.

4) Ignorance; hyperconservatism; lack of training etc etc.

Your combined HIV DUO = HIV 1 and 2 antibodies and p24 antigen test is accurate and you are HIV negative.

very best wishes, Sean
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Thanks for your comments, So As my doc said you are also confirming that I dont requierd more HIV tests ?
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I forget to add u one more thing I took the test about 48 49th day after exposure
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Sorry I have one more question . even the p24 antigen is not for HIV2 , will it pick the HIV2 Antigen?
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I agree you dont need any further testing.

The testing you had on the 48 or 49th day is entirely adequate and correct.

You are correct to say that the p24 antigen will test only for HIV 1 which as you know is the overwhelmingly dominant form worldwide. HIV 2 is very unusual even in its area of highest incidence (West Africa) but well over 99% of people will form antibodies to both HIV 1 and 2 (if exposed) by six weeks or 40 or so days.

I am happy that the test will have conclusively ruled out either HIV 1 or 2 by 48 or so days.

best regards, Sean
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Thanks for your support and valuable advice , Any way  I took second HIV Duo at 60 days (8.5 Weeks ) Just for peace of mind . Both become NEGATIVE.

I am happy now and I Can move on My Life with seat belt ON
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sorry i may be not right to ask question here but i got the similar questions for Duo / Combo Ag/Ab test

if someone forms Ab later like at 48days, the Duo test still possible to detect the Antigen from 42-47days? i just wonder whether if antigen will not be detectable after there is enough antigen form or as someone said it will not detectable after 24days?

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Excellent, enjoy the holidays but be careful!!

best wishes, Sean
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Hi smpr
could u check your inbox wanted some info on the duo tests..
I apologize if i have hijacked the thread somehow
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