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Dear Doctor, it has been a while since I last posted on this forum.

I have had an episode with CSW on Feb 6th 2011.
For as much as I can recall, I think I have used condom during any sexual intercourse.
But since, I was on recreational drugs at the time, I can only be 90% sure.

The problem starts 3 weeks after the encounter.

I began to have rashes on my hands, legs, and chest.
And 2 days later (which is today) I began to have a sore throat.

My question is:
During ARS, does sore throat usually appear after the rash? That is which one usually come first?

Second question:
How high or low is the possibility that these maculopapular rashes and sore throat is caused by other factor than HIV?

Third question:
I read the article about the "triad" during acute HIV symptoms, do the triad usually comes in the order of rash, then sore throat, then fever? Or perhaps they are just some random occurrence that the patient will experience somehow all three of them at some point in time?

Thanks again for any inputs and comments.
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The triad of sore throat; rash; high fever occur simultaneously = all together at the same time.

The only way to proceed, if you are concerned, is to have an HIV test.

You can test using an HIV DUO at 28 days with greater than 99.89% certainty of the result at that time. Alternatively you can use a 3rd generation test at 6 weeks with greater than 99% certainty.

The only way to tell is to test.

best regards, Sean
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Dear Doctor,

To add to my questions, would it also be possible that the rash came from allergies to the drugs that I took? But the symptoms only appear 3 weeks after taking it?

At this point, I still have not experienced any fever yet.

Would 4 weeks be good for DNA PCR? Or should I wait longer to make it more accurate? Say like 5 weeks? or perhaps 8 weeks?
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i got the same exposure n symptoms as you,may i know your hiv test result
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