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Am i at risk? Totally confused .

Hi , i had a protected sex one month ago with a girl , sex worker for the 1st time of my life and it will be the last , the issue is that i kissed her mouth to mouth for like 10 seconds , and i had a minimal bleeding on my gum . After a week i had a pain on the top of the pines with no any discharge , and i developed laryingiopharngits  as what gp said , i went through a panic attack and sever anxiety for 2 weeks . For the tests:  one week ihad done a antibody test came negative , 2week after elisa test negative , hiv pcr quantitative non-detectable even <50 ml , at one month rapid test negative ,, so far for now . Am i at risk ?! Should i do any test to be ensured ?! What about my results . I had now pharyngitis like symptoms and burning urethra and i think it's prostatitis as urology dr said due to anixity and not doing sex for the meanwhile .. For std i think i don't have the symptoms       .. Need your guidance plz
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Hello Jack, there's really no risk here at all. All you did was kiss this lady. There is no risk at all, ever,from kissing.You are absolutely fine, kind regards, Sean
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Something else i forget to mention there was after-shaving lesions aroud the      genetalia and fresh in the same day ,there was a fluid body contact at that time  so could it affect me ?!
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You sound just like me when I was worrying about HIV. You have less than a 1% chance of catching HIV from another person even if they are infected. Even if you did have minimal bleeding on your gums, it will still be less than a 1% chance you would catch it. I've had unprotected anal sex with a woman and it wouldn't surprise me if she had HIV. She does anal, vaginal, oral and all with no protection. She hates condoms. I slept with her unprotected about 8 times. Found out she was an undercover street ***** and loved anal sex. She have sex with Blacks, Whites, Mexicans it don't matter. Then all the so call HIV symptoms came. Weight Loss, Anxiety, Night Sweats, Rashes and Lesions on skin, Head Aches, Tired all the time. I had pretty much every HIV symptom you can have. So I waited about 3 months and I decided to go get checked out. I'd rather live the rest of my life with medicine knowing that I have HIV, than to live the next couple of years not knowing. I didn't do a rapid test, I was to afraid to go to the doctor and get tested so I went and donated blood at a local blood drive. They will run a legit blood test and test you for every blood disease known to man. They told me if I had any disease that they will call me within a week. That was the longest week in my life answering the phone with unidentified phone numbers, SCARY. In about 6 days after my blood donation everything came back negative, just high cholesterol. I promise to this day that I will always wear protection until the day I get married. Its not worth the risk. It will usually take about 2 weeks of being infected with HIV to show up on your rapid test sometimes a little longer. I bet 100% that your fine. I've done way worse than you. Remember that HIV hits Homosexuals more than anything else. No anal sex, giving or receiving. LOL
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What about my tests , are they conclusive ? I am in anxiety really ?  
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