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Am i at risk??

Sorry for my English.I am in Thailand.Last week i met a guy from the bar and i masturbated him.We did not have sexual intercourse.But when he finished his semen splashed on my waist but I cleaned it immediately with the towel and tissue paper and took a bath 10 mins later .I noticed later that there were few wheals due to scratching on my waist with no bleeding at all.Wheals were red and a bit swelling but i did not see any bleeding site or feel any irritation with soap.And I thought that they were the recent ones.Am I at risk for HIV? I did not know the status of that guy.
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Thanks for the post.

No, you are not at risk of HIV irrespective of the status of the other man. You will not acquire HIV from semen landing on intact skin.

I have understood the point about the weals but think it irrelevant.

best wishes, Sean
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Thank you very much for your reply.So you mean that my wheals are the intact skin that i don't need to worry about???Then I could be relax of that..
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