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Am i infected?

Hi.! I would like to get a clear path on this nightmare..please i need your help and guidance..
I've had a Risk Exposure with a Prostitute(unprotected vaginal sex) 2 minutes, and this is how my worst nightmare started..after 21 days tested  pcr/rna(negative)8weeks(antibodie EIA3rd, negative)and 68 days EIA3rd generation
Negative results..at least is a good signal? can my results change in the week 12?
I hope to get your opinion on my situation
Thank you..
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Thank you for your post.
The combination of a negative PCR RNA test at 21 days with a negative antibody at 68 days can be considered conclusive.  Therefore we can conclude that you are HIV negative.  No need to worry.  The negative test result will not change after 12 weeks.
Best wishes,
Dr José
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Thank you for answer my question doctor !  It's very helpful , also I tested for hcv/hbv at 2 months negative. When can be an accurate time for hepatitis test? 2 months is good enough?
And once again thank you.
Hope to get news from you
Greetings from new jersey
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