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Anxiety questions , please help

Dear Dr,
I have a problem to accept my results after reading some statements which I want to share it with and really I need you advice and support.

As you know doctor , you said Even in the unlikley event of non sero-conversion or later sero-conversion without antibody production, the virus would have been detected through the p24 antigen in the Duo or Combo tests.  
My  first question: It’s possible the p24 antigen will not be produced , non sero-conversion or later sero-conversion? Because there is  web-site have some examples that some people take 5 months to be positive and their 3 month combo test was negative. I know there are many incorrect articles /information but I need you advice , especially Dr.Humter said combo test after 4 weeks 100% accurate.

My second question: I had PCR quantitive  test after one year from my last risk. It came back Negative
My concern the following:
1-It’s possible till now it’s undetectable without using any PEP and medicines? or the virus will be only 20 copy and the test will not detect?

Last questions: There are some examples for some people who had HIV without producing any antibodies.
A-My understanding the antibodies will be produced to fight with the Virus , that’s mean if someone will not produce any antibodies he will be very ill and will die more faster within a year , am Wright?
Thank you very much doctor.
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Thank you for your post and welcome to our forum.
The p24 antigen is a protein on the capsule of the HIV virus.  As soon as someone has become infected, the virus replicates very rapidly in the bloodstream, and the p24 antigen will always be detectable already after 14 days.  After several weeks (up to 6 months) the p24 antigen will not be detectable as it is neutralised by the specific antibodies produced by the immune system.  In the case that the individual's immune system is not capable to produce antibodies, for whatever reason, something rare and unlikely, the p24 antigen will always be detectable as the virus continues replicating.  These patients would have a very high viral load, always detectable by PCR testing, and they would indeed be very ill people.
Those statements mentioned are plainly not accurate.  
Best wishes,
Dr José
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