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Can i be infected ?

Hi Doctor! I am 34 years of age and come from Sweden.  I am sharing this information because I think it might be relevant for you in evaluating my case. Like everyone else I am writing to you out of concern about HIV exposure. Last year I had protected vaginal sex and unprotected oral ( on me ) with an escort here in Sweden. I was worried then about potential exposure then and been in contact with a friend who is a doctor in medicine and said that there is no risk and I can continue to have unprotected sex with my wife. 4 weeks ago the same thing happened , I had protected vaginal sex 2 times with an escort and oral sex ( on me ) unprotected. I've done quite a lot reading on this website and understood that there's no evidence of exposure this way but my anxieties hit high when few days ago I got a rash! It was urticaria like few days ago on the right side of my chest and only in one spot, itching and first I associated it with an allergy because I have tendency to allergies. Since yesterday I got again the same presentation on the other side which by today is almost gone. Could this be an alarm sign ? Should I get tested and when ? I haven't had any intercourse with my wife sine 2 months, should I continue to abstain from sex ? Thank you in advance for your help.
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You are not at risk of HIV through this episode.

You are though - and you have been on the prior occasions - potentially at risk of syphilis, herpes, chlamydia and gonorrhoea and you should - and should have - screened for these before resuming sex with your wife.

kind regards, Sean
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