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Chronic ongoing unexplained symptoms

Hello dr, ile try too keep this simple as i can,
Expoure with japanese csw condom breakage september 1st.
3 weeks later i had every ars symptom swollen lymph nodes starting with groin ones first, fever, rash, sore, throat , fatigue. 4 weeks post ex std panel including duo all negative apart from white cells in urine azithromicin given but didnt clear?

Symptoms have continued and are chronic,

Pain down spine seems tight
Chronic burning hairy tongue
Blurred vision (really bad)
Chronic fatigue (even worse)
Difficulty swallowing
Sore roof of mouth and soft palette
Body legs and joint pains
Red eyes
Dark urine
Loose stooles
Swollen lymph nodes

Tests performed

  Ive tested all of these outside the window 16.5 weeks and the hiv and hep also with rna pcr tests

Hiv 1
Hiv 2
Htlv antibody/1/2
Heb b
Hep c
Celiac disease
Thyroid function
Liver function
Blood sugars

All negative im really concerned because of all my ongoing problems especially the brain problems just too add these complaints Dr are very REAL.

Im worried of co infections
Or have i missed something ? (Mycoplasma) candida hpv ??

I have most definitly picked something up from this exposure !
Can you point me in a testing direction so to speak ?
This has took over my life and ive been signedoff work because of it (gutted)
Thank you very much
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Thank you fro your post and welcome to our forum.
I am very sorry to hear about your health problems.  I cannot really give you advice on diagnosis without having the opportunity to see you and examine you.  I would urge you to follow your doctor's advice on this.
What I am certain about is that your symptoms have absolutely nothing to do with HIV, HTLV, Hepatitis B or C.  Your tests carried out at 16.5 weeks are final and fully conclusive.
Best wishes,
Dr José
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Just too ad sorry,
Severe weight loss of nearly 8 kg (a lot for me)

Im really concerned about htlv because of prevelance in region i had the htlv test at 16.5 weeks using a private clinic.

Thanks again i am really  concerned dr   (not anxious )

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Anyone there too help ?

Just too add i have what looks like petechia and brown spots all over body not lots but enough too notice them that havnt gone in 3 months !

Advice needed badly !!
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Thanks for the reply.

To be honest my gp is usless , hes not interested unless its a sore throat he can prescribe antibiotics or something simple.

Im really suffering with this mystery illness now for months , im going too pay privatley too be seen by a profesional that i can invest my money in wisely. Its the only way im going too hopefully get too the bottom of this.

1, Do you think in a strange scenario that a fungal candida infection could cause these symptoms that i have caught off the condm breakage and unprotected oral ?  

Or mycplasma or hpv ?

Im clutching at straws i know but is this feasible in your eyes ?

2, Also too add i have brown spots on the palms of my hands they look like frekkles that have broke out over the past two months any idea what these could be.
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Is it possible to answer this follow up as i paid twice on the forum and only posted once
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