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Disease,depression,dumb doings.....

Good day Doctor, here is my dilema. I had/have a cancer that I am NOT taking ,nor have I ever taken any medication for , my method of battle so far has been "heal with steel". It was the prostate.  This has rocked my foundation and I'm treated for depression but still it's a tough time . I allowed myself a one time experiment with m/m encounter as a bucket list experience . I had a much younger college guy (20) perform oral on me , after he finished me , I for less than 20 seconds was oral recipient ,I did not like it at all and soon stopped, I don't know if there was pre-cum as i did not check . It was a couple of deep thrusts and that was it . I asked 3 times and his post on web site declared himself ddf, I later found out he lied ,and was in fact recently Hiv positive and knew(No meds) . 4 days after encounter I had all the ARS symptoms: fever, extreme sore throat, swollen tonsils, and 4 weeks later a subtle ,non-itch rash on my head ,but only where i am hairless on top and shave. I am presented with painful, slightly enlarged collar nodes since wk 6+, nothing else. I must say that I had hip/back/thigh/groin discomfort before this, EVERYDAY. and other P.C. signs,yes i am well aware of the implications, 2 years still PSA undetectable . Finally my question , 15 rapid blood,4 Elisa, 2-RNA,2-DNA tests out to week 38+.
RNA's were 9wk+ and 19wk+, Last Elisa was week 24+3 day, Last DNA was 29wk+, Last rapid blood 1/2 was 38wk+ALL NEGATIVE /UNDETECTABLE.
Had another RNA&Elisa, wk 37+ but have not called for results .Would P.C.in blood cause tests to be invalid ? AM I INFECTED ?
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I'm sorry but I don't know what "heal with steel" means nor do I know what "ddf" means.

That said, if you have had the tests you describe and they are all negative then you are HIV negative.

I hope that helps.

best regards, Sean
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Thank you for your reply . Sorry about the abbreviations and the state side  slang ,  "heal with steel "   is a doctor term here for curing cancer  by removing the tumor or organ  surgically , hence "heal with steel " . "Ddf" is acronym for "drug ,disease, free" it is used on online dating/ hookup sites  in where  the poster is apparently announcing their free of drug use, and  Hiv status to online searchers . Also used by LIARS !
    Thank you for your reply , and I'll presume that if one has cancer cells in their blood then you're telling me that it would NOT  interfere with the accuracy of  any of the HIV blood tests .
  Also, yes I have had each and every blood test as presented and have the dates  of each one . So my hook-up's status and my symptoms are not hiv indicative , and that the tests overrule, ok , got it  .
Regards accepted, Dan
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    Good day , I am continuing to test due to symptoms of collar nodes and neck  and groin discomfort/pain . I'm now approaching one year since encounter . In addition to the 38 week RNA and Elisa and two subsequent Oraquik and Orasure rapid  blood antibody tests which all were undetectable and negative  I'm still caught in this vortex of not being able to let go .
    Have their been any cases of a cancer patient NOT under any meds having their condition
undermine test results ?  I can't find anything in multiple sites'  archives confronting this question .
  I'm now at week 45 ,day 4 ,and see no testing  cessation in sight as i move forward with these telling (?) symptoms . Please , advise as to your knowledge in such a circumstance .
     Regards. . .
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Dr Sean has answered fully already I think:-

That said, if you have had the tests you describe and they are all negative then you are HIV negative.

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