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Does rash mean Im seroconverting?

Dr. Cummings,

I am very worried now because I am now having what looks like ARS symptoms.  I am now getting a rash.  I have small red spots or bumps appear.  I usually start itching first, and then a small red spot will appear.  I am very scared.  I know that my encounter was brief, "French Kissing" , I dont know the condition of the girl and she wont take an hiv test.  Is it possible to have hiv symptoms at 12 weeks?  I am so scared.  If I had the hiv pcr/rna test at 8 weeks and it showed "No hiv-1 detected" on a viral load test, could I still be positive?   My standard hiv test was negative at 8 weeks and at 10 and a half weeks.  I was feeling better and I had unprotected sex with my wife on Valentines, but now she is having headaches and since yesterday I am having a rash.  I went today at 12 weeks from the incident and got another test, but I know the results wont be in for another two or three days and I am going crazy.      

This is why I am so scared.  I read that when you have a rash appear that usually means you are at a period where you are seroconverting.  Do you think my tests were false negatives?  I know I am asking again, because I am so worried and I am experiencing all of these unusual symptoms related to ars.   I was fine until I started having the rash appear.  My skin starts itching and after I scratch,  then some bumps appear small raised and red.  They almost look like small pimples and they itch.  Sometimes they will disappear after 6 or 8 hours, then they may reappear in a different spot.  Usually it's just one or two spots sometimes more on my should back or chest.

If I wasnt generating antibodies at 8 or 10 weeks, would my PCR/Rna test have been undetectable?  I am so so scared.  Please be very specific in your responses so I can understand everything. I really need your help.  
Please let me know your thoughts Dr. Cummings
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Hi again

Firstly there is no chance that you will contract HIV from French Kissing.

I can quite understand why the lady you kissed wont have an HIV test. It's a completely unreasonable and unnecessary request.

You don't have HIV ARS.

Your wife does not have HIV contracted from you.

Your HIV viral load test would have identified you correctly at the 8 week interval if you were HIV positive. You are not HIV positive and so your HIV test was negative.

You are HIV negative.

Best wishes, Sean

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