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Dr Sean, Dr Jose or Dr hhh

I had tested for hiv with a rna pcr test which had a limit detection of under 20 copies at 10.5 days after possible exposure and then with the same test at 29 days later. Both were negative. Along with the rna test at 29 days I took an antibody test which was a icma test from Labcorp which I think was a 2nd generation test and not the duo and third gen tests you provide in the uk and recommend. I was reading online that this icma test can only detect antibodies 4 weeks to 6 weeks for accuracy, is that true? And I really couldn't find much about this test anyways.

I was reading some posts and it was saying how you don't know why the us still uses these 2nd gen tests and how unreliable they were when you used them back in the day.

In the end should I still use this icma test at 12 weeks to test again?

Based off what I told you how am I looking percentage wise? And the rna tests doesn't even look for hiv 2.

Btw, I'm from Houston tx. Best cancer care in the world one of the worst for getting hiv testing. 2nd gen test wtf!


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Thank you very much for your post and welcome to our forum.
As you did not mention the type of exposure, it is not possible to estimate the risk and assess the reliability of the test.
However a negative PCR RNA test after 10 days has a very high level of reliability, over 99%.  Moreover you had it repeated after 29 days, and the combination of these, together with the negative antibody test, we could possibly consider it conclusive, as in the case of infection, the virus would have been detected.  On the other hand, current guidelines do not consider the PCR RNA test as diagnostic and fully conclusive and would always recommend a repeat test (either a Duo after 4 weeks, or an antibody test after 12 weeks).  Guidelines tend to be very cautious and conservative though, and in my experience, you should not worry.  Antibody tests would detect antibodies in most cases already after six weeks of a possible exposure.
Best wishes,
Dr José
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Possible exposure was protected vaginal and protected oral with csw.
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get a grip, this site is for people with exposures
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Hi Doctor,
Does seretide,pulmicort for asthma affect the combo test results @ 31 days after exposure,,,,
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