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HIV DNA PCR test conclusive?

Hi Doctor,

I live in the USA and recently had a sexual encounter with a female of which i am concerned.
I have been experiencing flu-like symptoms including a sore throat, fatigue, and muscle pains.
At 2 weeks after the possible infection, i was concerned and got tested with the HIV-DNA by PCR and the HIV EIA tests through LabCorp which came back as Negative (HIV-1 DNA not detected) and Non reactive (with an Abs-Index value of <1.00)

Later, I learned about the so called "window period" for the virus and so i retested at 6 weeks after the possible infection date with the same test results. It is now 8 weeks after the incident and i want to move on with my life. However, i am still really concerned about the validity of these tests. The labs that i have went through say that the DNA PCR test is completely conclusive after 28 days, but i have received conflicting information from various other sources.

My question how conclusive the DNA PCR test truly is at 6 weeks and whether or not i should be retested again at a later date. Am i continuing to worry myself for no reason?
Thanks, your professional advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Thank you very much for your post and welcome to our forum.
I beleive that you can consider your negative test reuslt at 6 weeks fully conclusive.  This test in particular (PCR DNA HIV-1) is very reliable after only 10 days of any exposure, around 94%, reacing a reliability of over 99.9% after 4 weeks.  Therefore you can relax as you are HIV negative.  I do not think that you need to be tested.  Most of your symptoms are very likely to be related to anxiety.
Best wishes,
Dr José
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Also Dr.,

in addition to the symptoms mentioned above, i have also began to notice small red sores on the side of my tongue. They are not very painful, and i have not noticed any oral thrush. I am thinking that most of these symptoms, including the muscle pain, fatigue, and sores on the tongue could be attributed to stress as i have been killing myself with worry for the past several weeks/ months. Could the sores on the tongue possibly be a flare up of HSV-1 (which i have had since a child) due to the stress?
All this to say, i guess that my question remains the same: are my previous tests conclusive that i do not have HIV or should i get retested at a later date, and if so when?
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