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HIV Fear

I am a heterosexual male who had protected vaginal sex with a sex worker.  It was a hotel call girl in NYC.  I did not ejaculate during vaginal sex, so she brought me to climax with a hand job after removing the condom and using hand lotion.  The hand job was a little rough and the next day I noticed a little soreness on my penis and much later that day the signs of a small scratch emerged on the back of my penis.  The scratch most likely happened during the hand job because I was wearing a condom during sex and it did not break.  The scratch could have been exposed to vaginal fluid because there was probably some in my pubic hair and around the base of my penis, also possibly her hands.  Lastly, there were two small blood spots on the sheet that I assume came from her during the vaginal sex.  I have scheduled a HIV-1 DNA by PCR With HIV Antibodies by ICMA test, but have to wait 21 days.  How scared should I be?   I am married an in addition to feeling incredibly awful about the one time act, the thought of bringing something like this into our home makes me physically ill.
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Good Morning Sir,

Relax. You do not have HIV from this innocent little incident.

I can see that you find the incident regrettable but in actual fact, the entire episode was harmless and you will not be HIV positive as a consequence. Not a chance.

Obviously, you have set your mind on the HIV test - the result will be negative. I would not worry.

best regards, Sean
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