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HIV/HPV/syphilis risk

hi doctor...

continue my last threat....(at 4 weeks blood test hiv/tpha both negative)

last month i went to a massage palour, the girl help me body massage and give me a handjob until i ejulated. after that she use a wet towel help me clean it.

NOW at 6 week i go for HIV/syphilis and STD blood test again

my result > HIV/tpha /herpes /claymedia all negative

but the doctor say my connorhea need to retest again maybe got infected....how come? is that handjob can transmit gonnorhea???or its just false positive???

now again my question:

1.6weeks HIV 3rd generation/ syphilis /herpes can conclusive? is still in window period?do i need to retest at 3 months??

2.is that HPV can transmit by handjob or wet towel??because my penis got some pimples look like bowenoid papulosis.....

please answer me!
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Your HIV and syphilis test results are good at 6 weeks or more.

Your herpes test is not so reliable and you should aim to do that at 12 weeks with swabs of any lesions.

Any other lesions on your genitals you should show to a doctor.

kind regards, Sean
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no aswer...
so sad!!!
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thanks your reply dr sean !

so i still need furthur hiv/syphilis blood test at 3 months?

lesions on my genital i do not feel pain and any itchy...is that herpes??

my expose only massage and receive handjob  is that an risk for hiv and other STD??
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Hi doctor, I have a case, which is one day I have a night with a hooker then I used a condom when I was doing a little penetration, however, I only did for less than a minute because I was tired alr and it cum before (when she sucked it in her mouth). I also don't know whether she has infection or not, every time I asked she never answer and she said she was not the one who give sick. My question is: Is there any possibilities to get infection of HIV ?
And for additional information, I checked the condom whether it was broken or not by filling it with a water, and there was no hole or no water leaked from the condom. And also due to my thing cannot go hard because alr out before then there was a time the condom put it in and out (before doing a penetration).
Hope you can help me by reply my message. Need your help seriously. Thanks.
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