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HIV Testing

I live in Bangalore,India. I did following test at Manipal Hospital. I have 23 days PCR DNA HIV-1 test negative also 54 days ELISA sandwich test negative. But yesterday, I started stomach pain and loose motions at 64 day. I am very tensed. I can not stop thinking about hiv. Is diarrhea and sever headache in one side of brain a symptom for HIV?
I had some fever 100 deg for 6 hours and went down to 99 99.5 after sometime.
How can I check whether I have swollen lymphnodes in my waist join? I feel slight pain in there. It is causing worry. I do not know whether they are swollen or not. But when I press them then I feel pain. The armpit nodes becomes painful when I am stressed and remains for 4 days.

Can I still be positive and not detected by tests?

I asked a question before as well to experts. The link to that post is http://www.medhelp.org/posts/HIV---International/Condom-Slipped-to-Half-and-She-used-her-hands-to-wash-my-Penis/show/1355557?personal_page_id=1804320#post_6267756
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Good afternoon Sir!

Now look...there's absolutely nothing wrong with you apart from anxiety.

I've answered your questions before .. and I concluded then that there was nothing at all amiss.

The test you have had confirms that there is no possibility of HIV.

Please, please relax and forget it. You are fine.

very best wishes, Sean
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If it helps any, I have never heard of ars starting at week 9 - think the doctor will back me on this one, that is when they get around to your post
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Hi I got some rash today. I have uploaded the pic as well.

http://uploadpic.org/view-pic.php?img=118992 on my back.

There are few but suddenly appeared.

Plz answer the question.

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Do you mean to say is that everything is due to Anxiety even rash?

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