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HIV Worries after meeting with a girlfriend

Greetings all- I feel v silly- I had a drunken moment with a friend of a friend the other night.  She did unprotected oral on me and I masturbated her fairly vigorously as well as anally aroused her with a finger.  I was unable to sustain an erection, and I had a condom on when she tried to put me inside her vagina.   I was inside her (protected) for 10 seconds maximum.  

I'm so annoyed I let myself lose focus as she pulled the condom off me and performed oral on me. I did try to put the condom back on- but I think I put it on inside out!!  I'm beside myself with angst and worry about this in partiicular- even although my droopy little fellow (penis) wasn't able to stay straight inside her- like I say, I seemed to flop around for 10 seconds, there was no 'pumping' or 'grinding' .  Was there a huge risk from putting the condom back on inside out from fluids from her?   I have no reason to beleive she's in an 'at risk' category of women that I know, no reason at all.  I'm just trying to assess my risks at this stage.  

She was very excited at the masturbation and she came a few times- I'm worried about this hugely.  

Thanks in advance for any advice offered.


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Hello James,
Thank you for your post and welcome to our forum.
From the description of events, I do not beleive that you have put yourself at risk of HIV infection.  Receiving oral sex and fingering do not pose any HIV risk, and the very brief penetration with a condom upside down would pose very negligible risk, if any, as I would think that there was no HIV risk.  In any case, she would have to be HIV positive in the first place, which seem statistically unlikely.
In summary, I do not think that you need to worry about HIV at all whatsoever as you did not really put yourself at risk in this incident.
Best wishes,
Dr José
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