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Hi dr Sean, could you please answer my question. 3 weeks ago I had to inspect a drug rehab clinic and while there I shook hands with 2 workers.  I had a 5 day old cut on my index finger and some dry skin on the back of my hand. I always put band aids on cuts until they're gone. But didn't this time.  I didn't see if the people  I shook hands with had any cuts on their hands or not. I didn't see any blood or fluid on my hand after. And I was not bleeding. I'm scared of what if they did. Am I at risk? I had a episode 8 months ago and I needed stitches I was worried I was exposed then. I was tested 6 times all neg. and now this hand shaking incident. I have OCD and I'm getting treatment. I'm just scared. I'm afraid to have sex w my wife and I worry when ever I don't feel good. Like now a I have a small white spot on the side of my tongue and I worry it's from HIV! Do I have a risk should I be worried? Thank you for your time.
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There is no risk to you at all from shaking hands with people - even assuming they have STD's which is far from certain.

This is your OCD playing here - not real risk.

kind regards, Sean
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Dr Sean, Thank you very much! I know it's my OCD. and it's hard to accept answers as being True. I know my worries are very irrational. thank you for your time. Dr Hook gave me the same answer! time for me to move on and put this non risk/ non issue behind me! thanks again for all you and others do on this website!!!
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Dear Plug, im a freack out OCD HIV person, my mind find every way and form to tell me that I had beenin contact with the virus.Last year I had a horrible epoisde of OCD regarding hiv and i ended in the spyquiatric hospital for a weeek, took me like 9 months to recover. PLEASE find help for your OCD, dont let it take control of your life and robe you of hapiness and peace.God Bless you.
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