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HIV and STDs worries

Dear doctors:

Last Saturday night (2012.05.05), I called a masseuse (HIV and STDs status unknown) for my services, WE HAD NO REAL SEXUAL ACTIVITIES SUCH AS VAGINAL, ANAL OR ORAL SEX. We had tongue kissing (not very intense, not long), she nibbled my tongue (didn't break my tongue). I should have NO ORAL ULCERS, NO WOUND in my mouth, and i think she is also (I’m not sure). I licked her nipples (SEEMS NO NIPPLE DISCHARGE), she also licked my nipples (NO WOUND) and my right ear. Her hand touched my penis and my scrotums. I fingered into her vagina, because of her stop, I quickly put my finger out, and my RIGHT HAND may have some her vaginal fluid. After a few seconds (maybe longer), I touched my penis (penis head and scrotums? i can't remember exactly) with my RIGHT HAND. Finally, she was lying on me, my penis caught in the lower abdomen of two people (without condom), we were maintaining this position until the completion of ejaculation. (In my memory, her hands did not touch my penis in the ejaculation process, and I didn't touch her vagina too. And also my penis didn't her vagina.)

2 days later, I and my girlfriend (she is healthy) had tongue kissing, and she gave me masturbation, (both with undershorts, and I didn't give her masturbation, just touched/licked her breasts/nipples). And I’m worry about her health now.    

5 days later, i saw the dermatologist, I show him the small red bump on my penis head and my body, and he said that maybe the eczema, and he gave me DEXAMETHASONE ACETATE OINTMENT and Aluminum BoDe loose cha agent.

Please tell me how to do; I have some questions to ask you:

1. Did I put myself at risk of contracting HIV or STDs (HSV, syphilis and HPV/warts or others)? The risk is LOW / MEDIUM / HIGH or ZERO?

2. Did I have High-risk sexual behavior?

3. Should I need a HIV TEST or STDs TEST?

4. Does my girlfriend have not the risk of infection? IS SHE OK / SAFE?

5. Can I have sex with my girlfriend without protection?

Thank you very much!
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thank you for your post and welcome to our forum.  I will answer each of your questions here below:
1.) There was no risk of HIV because there was no penetration.  None of the sexual activities carried out would have posed any HIV risk to you.  There is a possible risk of other STDs if there was skin to skin contact, and contact with body fluids, mainly Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, herpes and HPV, even though this risk seems to be quite low also.
2.) It is a low or very low sexual encounter.
3.) No need to have a HIV test.  You might want to be tested for the STDs mentioned, even though it is probably not necessary if you do not develop any symptoms.
4.) No riks for your girlfriend as you only kissed and she gave you a hand job.  No risks for her.
5.) That is entirely up to you, based on my answers given above.

Best wishes,
Dr José
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Thanks a lot for your replies and there are some updates :

3 days after that encounter (2012.05.09), I met the masseuse, I asked her if she has oral ulcers, bleeding gums, sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS or other infectious diseases, she said she is healthy, she did not have mouth ulcers, there is no wound, nor did these diseases. And she said she did medical examination last month (she promised she said is true), I don't know whether I should believe her, because I found that sometimes she may lie.

My current situation is, I am really worried and scared. I started to feel the itch of my thighs, arms, face and back (sometimes genital and anus), and I had a primary color small red bump on my penis head, no obvious pain on my neck lymph nodes (in fact, before this contact with the masseuse, my throat seems to be some inflammation) and a slight cough. Are these all my psychological effect? I saw some websites said the spring and summer is the season of rash. (BTW. I have neurodermatitis )

Yesterday (2012.05.10), i saw the dermatologist / Venereal doctor, I told him I've tongue kissing and penis touching with a masseuse and I showed him the small red bump on my penis head and on my body , and he said that maybe the ECZEMA, and he gave me DEXAMETHASONE ACETATE OINTMENT and Aluminum BoDe loose cha agent. Are these two drugs useful? He didn't ask me to do the STDs test, Is he right ?

And I just want to confirm it:

1. There's totally no possibility of HIV infection (it is completely impossible to HIV-infected), is absolutely no need to do the HIV test? I DO NOT worry about it completely?

2. Please re-read my description, did i and the masseuse have body fluid exchange ?

3. STDs can be transmitted by kissing (saliva) ? What about the risk? How much chance of transmission STDs by saliva, by skin-skin contact and by body fluids?

4. For the other STDs, you think there's the possibility, but very low, in your opinion, no need to have the test, the test just for the peace of my mind ?

5. Can we consider it was a normal sexual behavior, no risk ?

6. My girlfriend is OK, although we had skin to skin contact and i ejaculated in her hand (In view of the above your explanations)?

7. I can have sex with my girlfriend without protection?

Sorry for repeat questions, because I'm very scared. I need really very much your help and clear answers.

Looking forward to your replies and thank you very much in advance.
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