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HIV exposure

I am a gay man and last night I had casual sex with another man , he performed oral sex on me. and after that I put a condom and I penetrated him. after a few minutes I removed the condom and I masturbated myself . When I went to clean myself I observed that at the edge base of the glans I had two scratched from oral sex,red perhaps bleeding as a scratch . What degree of danger is here for HIV. Once again during the penetration I had the condom on
after removing the condom I masturbated myself so I used my hand and at he put his hand too so once again how risky it was - wary about that bleeding
Thank you
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Hello Dorian,
Thank you very much for your post and welcome to our HIV forum.
From the description of your sexual encounter, I do not believe that you need to worry as you have not put yourself at risk of HIV infection.  You had protected penetration which is safe.  Receiving oral sex would not put you at risk of HIV either, even if you had some small scratches and then these were touched.  No need to be concerned about HIV under these circumstances.
Best wishes,
Dr José
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