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HIV risk after condom broken /PEP/URGENT

to Dr Sean cummings,

Dr Sean Cummings

Monday 5 october 2010 5pm I took a risk with a sex professional in germany in a sex house:
Woman is from thailand
Condom rupture at the end of the intercourse with ejaculation 15seconds unprotected sex: immediate cleaning

Next day,6 th october, I went to hospital, met a Aids specialist, told me yes I had a risk and I received combivir + viramune 4 days then he told me to only take combivir for the last remaining 24 days of treatment.

This day I was checked and no HIV/siphilis/hepatits detected on the 6th of october.
Everything else good, ALAT, SGPT etc.. Treatment started 16 hours later after risk. I do take a lot of vitamin B, ginseng and selenium especially before winter.
*Do i need to worry to get HIV even with the prophylaxia started before 24 hours ?
*Is the less duration to exposure (15 seconds) a good factor to avoid HIV ?
*I know there is a risk of 0.03% to 0.05% per intercourse with infected girl to get it, will prophylaxia reduce that risk ?
*I received combivir + viramune 4 days. After that period, only combivir for the last remaining 24 days, will there be same efficacity as if it was a tritherapy? I am now in the 15th day of the treatment and did not notive any upcoming other ST (clamidia etc..).
*Will Agp24 negative be a good sign ?- I have to do it next week.
*Isl absence of ARS symptoms during the first month be a good sign ?
*Based on your experience of some patients you have followed with prophylaxis, how many seroconverted and how many did not?
*Will the post treatment delay a possible seroconversion ?

Im sorry to post a bunch of questions but they are all linked to that problem and currently I feel very anxious.

Thank you very much !
Best Regards
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Hello Harvey,
I think that I have already responded to your previous post.
Kind regards,
Dr José
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Dear Dr Jose

appologize for double post due to technical error

yes you have already responded to it - i have just posted another question on the other post if you may have a look
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