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HIV scare/paranoia

I got strep early June took 10 day antibiotics. Mid-june I had my first ever exposure of unprotected sex. Mid july I got Tonsilitis so I went on an IV of antibiotics and took another 10 day prescription for after. Late August I had my second exposure of unprotected sex with a different guy. 3 days after my 2nd exposure I got a pap test. No STIs but I got BV and took 8 antibiotic pills on one day. After this I began having weird bowel movements, weird color urine and pain in my stomach. The doctors say that all the antibiotics have caused the symptoms. Gave me Tectra, took away stomach pain. I took an HIV test 2 months after first exposure and 1 week after 2nd exposure. Came back negative. I took another test 14 weeks after first exposure and 5 weeks after second exposure. Also came back negative. Doctors have promised me Im fine. But i've convinced myself I have HIV. Im paranoid, depressed, chronic stress, I have anxiety, I cry every night. My life is a mess. Went back to the doctor last week for another pap cause I had clumpy, rubbery, cotton cheese discharge. Result came back as inconclusive BV. Now my boyfriend (who I got back with after 6 months of separation, in october) began complaining of a ongoing sore throat since mid-october and pain in his left groin, and now pain in his lower back. i should mention he plays soccer 3 times a week. and it could easily be from that but I've convinced myself its because I've given him HIV.

Im going crazy. Is it possible? Can my results be wrong? Can I have symptoms so early on? Are my symptoms related to HIV? I just want to feel normal again.
I should mention Im 100 percent we were both HIV negative before this. He's never slept with anyone else but me.
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Thank you very much for your post and welcome to our forum.
I do not believe that any of your sympotms have anything to do with HIV.  Symptoms of HIV sero-conversion do not go on forever; they would last a maximum of two weeks - also the timing is usually after 2 and six weeks form exposure.  In any case you have had several negative HIV tests after you have had symptoms - this would exclude the symptoms as HIV sero-conversion, and it is unlikely that these men were positive in the first place.
Therefore I do believe that most of your problems are related to stress and anxiety, possibly compounded with a concomitant vaginal infection (BV is not usually sexually transmitted).  You need to forget about it and move on.
Best wishes,
Dr José
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I should mention that I have no reason to suspect either guy is HIV positive. But I don't know much about their sexual past either.
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hello can sum1 please help me over a month ago i noticed i was starting to get tired very easierly this got worse i started feeling very weak and was experiencing a hangover feeling everyday without drinking any alcohol :S i thought the feeling would go away but never did i also tested positive over a yr ago for genital herpez which are reacurring about twice a month heres a list of symtoms i have been experiencing
tiredness (after long hrs of sleping)
reacurring herpez (about twice a month)
flu like symtoms (just recent, could be due to weather change)
pins and needles in hands and feet
tingling in face and scalp
started to feel sick
i suffer with depression which has recently got server i had the implant incerted abt a month ago (after i gt these symtoms so dont thnk it could be due to that although they have got alot worse) but the depression worsening could be due to the implant .
i have had a few blood test's for anemia, blood count and diabetes, all came back normal.
i am extremly worried about all my symtoms incase i have something really wrong with me i have been looking up symtoms online and i have symtoms of hiv and a brain tumour (probly wasnt the best idea to check symtoms on google) i got tested for hiv about 4 months ago and whilst i was waiting for my results (which came back negative) i managed to convince myself i had the virus.....i really do not want to put myself through that again and really need peace of mind for what ele these symtoms could be!.......someone help!
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Thank you for your help doctor. One final question.

I did have sex with my boyfriend previous to his "symptoms" before we got back together (sometime in september). His sore throat has lasted for a month now and I just talked to him and he said its gotten worse. He now also has a bad cough and extremely bad congestion. He's been on antibiotics for the past 6 days and it hasn't helped. No fever or tiredness. Can I be reassured that these aren't signs of HIV. Particularly since you mentioned that symptoms usually last for a maximum of two weeks?

Thanks again.
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