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HIV scare

Hello Dr,

around the 3rd of October, i had an encounter with a sexual worker,
I had protected vaginal sex. I know this is supposed to be 100% safe and no risk to contracting HIV.

But lately, I've been feeling quite unwell, and now I'm wondering 'what if'...
My problems the last week are, joint/muscle aches (really painful at times to be honest) and headaches that come and go..
I don't have any fever, but I do feel hot and have chills..

I went to see my doctor at the end of October, and had a basic blood checkup, where they also tested for HIV1/2, which was negative
so this was at +- 3 weeks after exposure, but I don't know what type of test they used, I assume this is a normal antibody test? Is this conclusive or still too soon?

Can my muscle/joint pains, headaches an chills at 7-8 weeks be a sign of new HIV infection?
or can this be related to not having enough sleep and bad food regime?

thank you
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I think you are fine and that you have  not contracted HIV from this exposure.

You used a condom - provided condoms stay on, don't tear or rip and that you do use one then all will be well and you will be protected frm acquiring HIV.

I suspect your symptoms are related to something else and you have incorrectly put two and two together and got 12.

I think your HIV test was too early - irrespective of whatever generation it was.

I think you are fine.

best wishes, sean
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