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High risk HIV exposure

recently i exposed myself to a very risky situation. while on a business trip i met a japanese girl from japan. during the course of my week away we had multiple sexual encounters. i had condoms and used them at times, but at other times i did not since i only bought one small box and they were gone fairly quickly (stupid stupid stupid!!) there were plenty of times when we had vaginal sex with no protection during our encounters. the only thing i know about her is that she said she has been with 6 other guys. all of who were japanese.There were a few days during our week of encounters that she had her period. i had vaginal sex with her during this time both with and with out condoms. no anal sex at all. i washed my penis after every time we had sex for the week. this is my only high risk exposure. the last time i was with her was on february 28th 2010. 40 days later (april 9th 2010) i tested negative for HIV in a NYC clinic that uses the oral rapid test. this did give me some initial relief, but i know there is alot of talk about the 3 month window. i will never put myself in this situation again. its sooo not worth it and its killing me inside. one giant regret! it has already been a life changing situation. the regret and anxiety i feel is tremendous. what are the odds that my negative test is a really good sign after an antibody rapid test 40 days after this type of exposure? i am a pretty healthy guy for the most part and normally never even get a cold. wondering how much health determines how soon or late antibodies would should up at a high enough level for a hiv test. i plan to go back at the 3 month mark to be extra extra sure, i also might get an acute test this week. thats all i need to say righ now i guess. Any advice or important info that might help is greatly appreciated. i need help!! i can tell you symptoms i think i have had if you think its needed
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I think it is very likelyu indeed that the test you had at 40 days is accurate. The chances of you becoming HIV positive, if she was would be magnified by the number of exposures, but in absolute terms I think probably low.

The blood tests are better than the oral tests at 6 weeks so a rapid blood thrid generation antibody test will give you greater than 99% accuracy at this point.

best wishes, Sean
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Sean, that is really good to hear. I took another test today at a diff clinic that uses the rapid blood test version. I took it at NYCs public health center. At this point it's been 46 days since my exposure. I asked them what generation test it's considered and they looked at me like I had lobsters comming out of my ears. It's a free clinic so I don't know if that means they use a lower generation to save money or not. My wife got a very small sore throut yesterday. On top of that about 3 weeks ago she developed a yeast infection and a non STD related bacterial infection in her vagina. Her doc said she had an abnormal pap smear and that it was most likely related to the two infections. She took meds and they cleared up. I am starting to think I see symptoms in her more than I see in me. To be honest that makes me feel much more anxiety than if it were only
me. Hoping it's all in my head and that it's just bad timmimg with all my anxiety. My biggest worry is not getting her sick. Any thoughts on this?  
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Just wanted to add that I have not had unprotectd sex with my wife since I got scared. And I don't plan on doing it till this is all figured out the proper way.
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Hello again,

I think thats very good news and it is likely that the test was third generation antibody.

I don't think the result will change.

Your wife's illnesses /complaints are not relevant to your test result.

best wishes, Sean
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Hey Sean thanks again. I have one more question. I am thinking to take a DNA RNC HIV test in a few days. Spoke to a clinic on the phone about it. The guy said that is considered conclusive in it's result after a 28 day window. Since I am going on a cruise to burmuda with my wife in less than 3 weeks that would be the holy Grail of answers of this is true. is that test as solid as they pitch it to be in your opinion? or should I try to get another antibody test before I go? so many things I am gonna change after this experience. Thanks again, I will try not to bother after this Sean.
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I meant DNA PCR. oops
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Good Morning

I agree with the man who gave you that information. I think that is absolutely fine and will rule out HIV prior to your trip.

Best wishes, Sean
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Ok than that's the plan. Thanks I will let u know what happens
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hey sean, i took a tally of all the symptoms i have seen in my wife since my risky exposure, and a few new ones came up this week so i would like to run them by you. in the meantime, i am awaiting my DNA PCR results. they should be ready by thursday.

my wife's symptoms: (all occurred in the last month at some point)

first round of symptoms with in the last month:
1 an outbreak in genital warts
2 abnormal pap smear
3 a yeast infection
4 a non std related bacterial infection of the vagina
5 hot flashes during the day (these have gone away)

2nd round of symptoms with in the last month:
6 some light spotting too soon after her last period (lasted for a few days)
7 a sore throat with small ear pain (lasted about 2 or 3 days)
8 got dizzy a few times in the last few days
9 yesterday she had a normal color discharge from the vagina at end of day but she said it was certainly more than normally comes out.
tender breasts in the morning.

all of this is still getting to me due to the timing. was wondering if you mind giving your opinion to which (if any) of these could be possible symptoms of an acute HIV infection if i did pick it up on Feb 28th and pass it to here some time after that in the meantime.

i fear the worst for her and think i need to have more professional medical advice. she is not due to see a doctor until next week. i want to be strong for her as she goes through these strange symptoms, but the worry of perhaps having and spreading HIV to her is making that very difficult. i need to be a rock for her. she is frustrated. but i need answers if you have any.

hope you understand my troubles. would love to hear back from you soon.
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ok just want to say my dna by pcr results came back today negative!! i was so relieved to hear that. never again will i put myself in this situation. sean you helped so much in keeping me sane during my wild craze of border line insanity. thank you thank you thank you. your doing a good thing in helping people to get the right info. i know the answer to this but i can have sex w my beautiful wife now right? she has been waiting a long time. negative rapid test after 6 weeks as well as a negative dna by pcr test after 6 weeks exposure.
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Good Morning

I haven't followed your questions etc in other areas of Medhelp so I can't comment on

""this teak guy on med help keeps telling me that my i am not in the clear. and said my doctor is a quack for telling me i can stop worrying now""

except to say that the tests you have related to me on this Forum are very accurate and you are not HIV positive as a result of the sexual exposure. As I said earlier, the information you were given originally regarding the DNA PCR test and which is repeated here:-

""Hey Sean thanks again. I have one more question. I am thinking to take a DNA RNC HIV test in a few days. Spoke to a clinic on the phone about it. The guy said that is considered conclusive in it's result after a 28 day window. Since I am going on a cruise to burmuda with my wife in less than 3 weeks that would be the holy Grail of answers of this is true. is that test as solid as they pitch it to be in your opinion? or should I try to get another antibody test before I go? so many things I am gonna change after this experience. Thanks again, I will try not to bother after this Sean""

Is correct. The tests you have had establish beyond any doubt that you are NOT HIV positive from this episode.

Ok, thats it from me on this thread. Best wishes, Sean
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I am from India male 29 years, On Dec 26th 2009 I had very brief unprotected sex hardly for 3 to 4mins with local prostitute but both has not completed sex and no vanigal fluid or my sperm has discharged inside, when I removed my penis it is totally dry and immediately I washed it with water.

After 2 months of this exposure I had the following symptoms:
Sore throat, Neck Pain, Muscle pains, Muscle aches, Nausea feeling immediately after having some food, Fatigue. I also noticed a couple red bumps come and go around my belly button, hand, legs and back side of my shoulder.

Now all my symptoms are almost gone except neck pain, muscle pains and feeling like motion is coming immediately after having some food, burning sensation on hands & legs.
I had my first blood test on 27th Feb2010 i.e. after 63 days (9 th week) from my exposure. The report name is Serology report and the test results are HIV I & II Non-reactive.

By seeing my symptoms my doctor advised me to test for CMV IgG & IgM and HSV-1 & 2 IgG & IgM, and I had the blood test for these on March 1st and got negative for CMV IgG & IgM, HSV 1 IgM & HSV 2 IgG, IgM but positive for HSV –I IgG( Ratio is 3.17). I started using Homeopathy treatment for this.

Again I had another HIV blood test as I read in internet people with HSV have more chances of contacting HIV. I had Western Blot test (Including P24 antigen test) on 3rd March 2010 i.e. after 66days 9.3 week) and the result is Western Blot is negative for HIV I & II.
As my symptoms are growing more day by day and I felt the above tests have not caught my virus status because I might be in window period, I read in internet HIV tests will show false negative if we test during window period so l had a doubt about my test results & had PCR DNA test on March 25th i.e. on 89th day (12.5th week) from the day of my exposure, it took five days to get my test result and the test results are Non-Detective.

My parents are forcing me to get married but I still have doubt on my HIV infection as well as HSV IgG, as I don’t want to kill other person’s life.

And also now I got two red spot rashes inside penis, ia m realy worried now that i have HIV, i am not able to rely on 9 weeks HIV 1 & II , western Blot negative results and PCR DNA 12.5 weeks negative result. Please advise do i need to go for any other tests or not?

Many thanks for your help. Your are doing a great service.
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