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Hiv Exposure

Dear Sir/Madam

Approximately 3 weeks i had a possible exposure to hiv (assuming lady was hiv positive) with a sex worker in Abu Dhabi. Sexual intercourse had just commence a couple of minutes when i noticed the condom had broken/split, conservatively i estimate my exposure to be between 2 and 4 minutes long. My questions are as follows:

1) Is it possible to catch hiv from one exposure (male to female transmission)
2) I have heard that one of the most common symptoms of hiv is a rash that can develop shortly ( 2 weeks) after exposure. Several websites have shown pictures of these rashes. I have some red itchy marks on my body the last week, they are not really itchy. I count 3-5 red spots around the bottom of my neck, 2 on my chest and several between both legs, is this what is typical for an all over body rash that may be hiv rash? Sometimes i feel itchy but there does not seem to be any sign of a rash other red marks where i scratch, this is mostly on my left forearm.

The lady in question assured me she was fine however i am very worried and nervous that i may have contracted HIV. The websites on the internet to me seem very complicated when coming to describe symptoms. Apart from what I described above i feel 100% otherwise( apart from worry!!) I also have no other signs of any other stds.

I will get tested in my home country after xmas (about 6 weeks time) however i would appreciate your comments on the above as i find the articles on the internet very confusing.

Thanks in advance,

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Thank you for  your post and welcome to our forum.  Let me answer your questions here below:
1.) I assume that you mean female to male transmission, like in your case.  It is certainly possible both ways.  However the risk is relatively low for the man; if she was positive, the risk for you is estimated around 0.1% or 1 in 1,000, form one single unprotected encounter.  Not knowing her status, the risk would be considerably much lower.
2.) A maculo-papular rash can be a symptoms of HIV sero-conversion, but very rarely in isolation.  It usually comes together with a high fever, malaise and severe sore throat.  Therefore I do not believe that these symptoms in your case are related to HIV.  It is usually generalised and non-itchy.
There is no doubt that you need to get tested at the appropriate window period and you ought to also have a full STD screening.
Best wishes,
Dr José
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