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Hiv symptoms?

am a nurse in the OR. On january 4th i had a small instrument poke on my finger and the patient was hep c positive but hiv negative, on january 11th i had a needlestick injury and the patient was negative for hiv and hep c. Bothe tests were done using rapid hiv testing. About 3 weeks after, I developed severe joint and muscle aches, weakness, loss of appetite and a sore throat that i still have today. I had a hiv test done at 4.5, 7, and 10 weeks and were all negative. They did a RNA quant hep c test and work at 11 weeks and it was negative. About 2 days ago i went to my primary Md and they tested for mono which came back postive. They had innitially tested for mono at 4.5 weeks and it was negative. Here are my symptoms;
decreased appetite, weakness, fatigue, sore throat, pain in my neck, occassional chills, 13 pound weight loss. Can I rely on my 10 week hiv test? are all these symptoms of mono? am so worried. I've never been this sick before.
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I'm very sorry to hear about this. It is a risk we all take when treating any patient but it can be very distressing.

I think it very very likely that your illness is mono - or glandular fever as we call it here.

I think the prospect of your tests - all of them, being incorrect even though you have some otherwise worrying symptoms, is remote in the extreme.

I would be very reassured by the 7 week HIV test which would give greater than 99% accuracy in diagnosing HIV at that point. The ten week test I would regard as certain.

Mono - glandular fever - does make people feel very unwell indeed and can be very unpleasant. Best to check with your doctor about your specific concerns but I think you are not HIV or Hep C positive.

best regards, Sean
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I received unsafe oral sex and kissed the woman on last week
December whose status is unknown (high risk). This is my first
sexual exposure in my life. I am 28 (M).
I had HIV Orasure saliva test at 10 days from exposure.
HIV 1/2 EIA at 14 days,HIV1/2 at over 4 weeks.
HIV 1/2 EIA Reflexes Western Blot at 8 1/2 weeks .
Orasure advance HIV 1/2 at 11 week.
Orasure advance HIV 1/2 at 12.2 weeks
HIV Home Kit Test (FDA Approved) at 13.3 weeks (i.e 3 months) all NEGATIVE.
I just had the syphilis,Gonorrhea, Chlamydia test AND TESTED NEGATIVE at 12.2 weeks.I had random occasional pain in multiple locations on my abdomen and back.Had pimple like sore near to my lower lip and a
pimple in my nose. From week 9 I am having painful swollen nodes back of my left&right jaw and painful.Pain in my lower abdomen and my groin.I noticed very small red bumps around my penis head recently and mild pain when i touch.My skin turns red on my thighs and feet just after shower. My both knees front and back are swollen from week 7 with random pain in thighs. I am not circumsized. I am going crazy. I have been to lot of doctors but no diagnostics. Please advice.

1.Can the swollen nodes indicate HIV?
2.Do i need to be tested for any other bacterial infections or
viral infection other then the three STD's.
3.Is this late ARS causing Lymphadenopathy?
4.Has anyone been a positive result after testing for negative
after 3months in your experience.

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Dear Mr Smith

You need to pay for and post your own post Sir. Please don't hijack someone elses thread.

best wishes, Sean
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Hi sean, I received my 12 week HIV antibody test and it is negative. i still have a minor sore throat and wekaness from the "mono'. can i take these results as conclusive?


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Yes, definitely.

best wishes, Sean
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Thanks Sean and best wishes to you too. thanks for all you do.
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Hi Dr. Sean, sorry to bother you again. My question is; have you seen anyone turn positive after they have tested negative at 3 months? Could Mono- Glandular fever delay production of antibodies. Am still worried because i still have a sore throat and sore neck (its been about 2 months now) and wondering if its mono or something else.

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