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On 24 November I told u girl to do blow job for me but I was wearing condom n on around 25 December when I woke up I got pimple on my neck  at first I thought Its not nothing then around 17 January I got pimple inside my pennis I went to see doctor he gave me medicine n the pimple was gone but after 1 week the pimple appear again I went to see doctor again he took some lab test my scratching my pennis to see weather there was bacteria n they was nothing I was worried I went to take hiv test around end of January n the they came negative but on around 2 march pimple appear again this time I was planing to have baby so I went for test to see Tht I can have baby and the result are all good include hiv by elcia are negative .do I need to get test again or is there any danger pl help n I am blood group o negative
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I'm very sorry but I'm not at all sure what you are describing with the pimple.

In any case you were wearing a condom so I can't see a risk to you.

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Hello Doc. I am sorry for any inconvenience,
I am 26 years old male. I did biggest mistake of my life. 40 days ago, I had unprotected sex . It was my first sex experience in life. I am not sure about her hiv status. after that day i am constantly thinking and worying. I am stress till now and i had like flue symptoms . After 21 days I did HIV antibody and antigen P24 test (HIV1&2 Abs + p24 Ag Methodology CMIA ) it came 0.11 non reactive (non reactive < 1.0). and i repeat the test in 28 days it came 0.11 non reactive, and i repeat it in 40 days from the it came 0.31 non reactive. but now I am confused because it was changed from 0.11 to 0.31 . my question is that mean it will increase by time to reach 1.0 (Reactive) . and if this test very sensitive to detect HIV ??
please !!!
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I got hiv positive my hcv is negative hav igg is positive my white blood cell is 7200 after 14 weeks of exposure n my cd4 is 940 after 2 month of exposure please help me with its a last question for me
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I mean hiv negative not positive
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I thing medhelp doctor does not reply follow up question that bad I think everytime we ask q we have to pay 20 dollar
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pls Doc am dead worried but is 61 and 76days Elisa test negative OK after experiencing what seems like ARS on 56days and 4months later all finger and toe nails peal off.
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