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Improper use of condom

thanks for your attention. I've realised that I made a big mistake on Thursday evening by allowing my sexual partner to use the same condom twice (I was the bottom): at a certain point he pulled out and removed the condom (he had started to lose his erection) to put it on again when we continued to have anal intercourse. This is not something I will ever let anyone do again and I'm worried that he might have inverted the condom so that possible precum have come in touch with my rectum (he had certainly NOT cum in the condom and as far as I witnessed he is not someone who produces any noticeable amount of precum). I'm actually quite worried now and I was considering PEP as this was probably the riskiest sexual behaviour I've ever engaged in, so I posted this episode in the public hiv prevention forum. The answer I got there made me decide not to go for PEP, but then yesterday I found some posts by Dr. Hook in response to similar events in which he put the exposure risk at the same level of practically not using a condom at all.
I also talked back to the guy who I had sex with about this event and he told me that he was healthy and that his last hiv test had come back negative in August. In any case I will never let any of this happen again. I'm just wondering if I should reconsider PEP even if quite some time has already passed.

Thanks again for your time,
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Thank you for your post and welcome to our forum.
PEP should be started within 72 hours from a possible exposure only, and not later than that.  If the 72 hours have already passed, I would certianly not recommend that you start PEP.
There is certainly a possible risk if the other man was positive as it could account as unprotectd receptive anal sex, and under those circumstances with someone of unknown HIV status from a high prevalence group (men who have sex with men), PEP would be recommended.
What I would advise you to do is not to start PEP as it would be too late, now, but to get this other guy to get tested, to make sure that he is negative.
Best wishes,
Dr José
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