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Just a quick one....

Hello Doctors...

I will make this short and sweet...

I was on a buisness trip to Shangahi and I met a girl.  She was not a hooker but a girl that worked in a bar.  We became pretty close over a few days but here are my concerns..

1) She performed unprotected oral on me..am I at risk for HIV?

2) I fingered her and possibly touched my own penis not long after I fingered her...Is this a risk?


2 days after bad sore throat and as I was flying home I woke up and I had a red eye with gunk that made my eye closed when I woke up.

3 days after slight fever 99-101 lasted day 3,4,5 but only occured at night..no elevated temp during the day.

4 days after really bad nasal congestion that was green

5 days went to doctor and he said bad cold (have you seen gunky red eye with a cold?)

So in summary my symptoms started 2 days after and lasted about 3-4 days with a cough and nasal congestion that lingured for another week..

Could ARS start this early and does this sound like ARS or a cold?

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Good Morning,

You've been very helpful and asked questions in a very ordered fashion. So if I may I will answer them the same way.

Q1 - answer:- No. You will not acquire HIV through being sucked.

Q2 -answer:- No, fingering does not represent a risk of HIV contamination at all.

Finally, as your doctor says, you have a cold. Yes I have seen colds with gunky eyes. This is not ARS. This is a cold with symptoms magnified by your anxiety relating to the possibility of picking up HIV this way. You are not HIV positive from this event.

best regards, Sean
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Thank you very much for your reply...I feel better and I am ready to move on with my life and leave this behind me...I just wanted to clarify question #2....

I was concerned with 2 things during that part of the act...the fingering (which you have answered and thank you) but my other concern was that I might of touched my penis not long after fingering her..is that a risk?

I also would like for you to clear something up for me...through my research (on the net) of HIV it seems it can be sumed up that as far as sexual transmision goes it happens "inside the body" or I guess the proper term is penetrative sex...I am in Canada and I think we have wonderful sexual health clinics here and the most popular one is called hassle free in downtown Toronto and I called them and they don't even recommend testing if oral was the only exposure...does your clinc work like that?

I will admit I have lived the past 15 years (of my 33) in fear of HIV and I have tried to figure out how to stop doing this.  I have NEVER had unprotected sex in my life only receiving oral and everytime I FREAK out...what do you recommend for someone who goes through this?...I ask because I assume you see this from time to time.

My final comment is have you ever heard of or have seen ARS start 2 to 3 days after exposure?...it seems there is a general rule that never before 2 weeks do you agree?

This will be it for me so I want to thank you again for your help and keep up the good work you do!
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Any comment?
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