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Massage and Symptoms


Went for a massage about a month ago. No oral, anal, vaginal sex of any kind - not even a handjob. Massage was somewhat "sensual". Concerned - I have several scratches, maybe a couple days old, on the side of my leg, with (when pressed on the they bleed) a couple of nicks, about a millimeter in diamater. Could have been more recent. Not big scratches, and from what I could tell they were dry. She rubbed up against my genitals with her body but both of us where wearing underwear, and I don't think her vaginal region came in direct contact with my genitals (she said they did not).

The massage was soft, no hard pressing at all. I am concerned because this person was a sex worker, did not check her hands prior to the massage, was also of African decent (at a higher risk for HIV).  Asked during the massage if she had cuts on her hands and she said no. The massage was done with oils.

19 days later symptoms:
1) After going out to eat (Chinese Food if it matters) taking Theraflu and drinking beer I have these symptoms:
a) about 30 minutes after eating, I had trouble breathing, I laid down, and my tongue began to feel enlarged or felt numb, don't know what it was. I also had numb or swollen sensation on the sides of my face - mandibular region(lymph nodes maybe?), my eyes also began to water, and the next morning my eyes were fairly bloodshoot. People said my eyes looked puffy or swollen, that is the area around it. My throat felt a little sore. Anways, do puffy eyes, swollen tongue, numb face, trouble breathing suggest HIV?

The trouble breathing subsided after an hour or to, the swollen or numb sensation in my face returned after a day. My eyes were bloodshot for about one and half days.

I haven't read anything about these beings symptoms for HIV, but is there a chance?

I may go for test just to give myself relief from the nervousness. BUt what is my risk. Does swelling in the face (along side of the jaw), suggest lymph nodes,
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Thank you very much for your post and welcome to our forum.
It is practically impossible to become infected with HIV after receiving a massage like the one you describe, even if the lady were to be HIV positive.  Therefore there is no need to even think about HIV, testing or the sort.  You did not put yourself at risk at all wahtosever and your symptoms have absolutely nothing to do with it.  None of those symptoms are relevant and tehy are not consistent with acute HIV sero-conversion.  From your description they sound more like those of an allergic reaction: swollen face, swollen tongue, breathing difficulties, etc, resolving after a few days.  You possibly had an allergic reaction to a spice or to something that you had in the Chinese restaurant.
If you need to be tested for anything, it should be for a possible allergy, and please do not even think or worry about HIV.  You do not need a test.
Best wishes,
Dr José
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