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Mononucleosis after unprotected Vaginal sex, possible Hiv?

Hello Everyone,

my name il Luca and I'm from Italy.

Last May (2013), i had a very risky sex rapport with a girl i know very well, we're friends since long time and she used to donate blood. We had this unprotected vaginal rapport in which she lost blood on my penis. Then i washed very well and i didn't worry too much about that fact, trusting in her.

After the fact I didn't have any kind of syntomphs.

4 Months after the fact, i started having fever, sore throat and i went to my doctor (who is her father!). He told me to do blood tests, but not hiv, and we discovered i had mononucleosis with this values:

IgM Vca 0,75 (negative < 0.11)
IgG Vca/EA 0,80 (negative <0.09)
IgG EBNA 5,31 (negative < 0,09)

Then in two weeks everything passed and i have no problems since today.

But now I'm re-thinking about everything and I'm really worried that i could have get HIV in this particular case, anche that my mononucleosis could have been an HIV synthom. Now I'm waiting for my HIV test, and I'm really worried...

Hope you can give me some explanations in the relashionship between the sex, the mononucleosis after 4 months (with exams certifing it)  and a possible hiv..

Thank you so much
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Hello Luca

The tests show that you had infectious mono. The way to exclude HIV is to do an HIV test and that way you will be certain.

This all sounds very innocent to me,

kind regards, Sean
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