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I am a medical assistant in a medical clinic.  We were draining an abcess in a patient and when cleaning the wound with saline, a felt a splatter come out and hit me in the eye.  I was wearing contacts.  But i soon after took the contact lense out, and a doctor irrigated the eye with saline.  The patient has some blood work pending which includes an STD panel.  I am very nervous about the possiblitly of getting a disease.  Should I be nervous.  The patient was not in a high risk community but i am still very nervous.  Am I at high risk of getting an STD.  
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Thank you very much for your post and apologies for not having been able to reply to it sooner.
In theory, there is a possible risk of contracting a blood borne virus (such as HIV, Hep B or Hep C) if your eye comes into contact with infected fluid.  However in reality this risk is extremely low, even if the patient was infected with one of these.  Obviosuly it will be important to know the status of the patient in question (if negative, you can forget about it!). However all in all, even if positive, I would advice you not to worry as the risk for you is very low.  In the unlikely event that the patient tested positive for any of those viruses, you ought to be tested as well at the correct window period, mainly for your peace of mind.  My advice to you is to wait until you find out about the results of the patient.
Best wishes,
Dr José
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I'm a Chinese student, my English is not very good, hope to get the doctor's help,A month before I found a prostitute,She and I had the affair,16 days, went to the hospital to test, the doctor say: I and she is a protective activities, and can be ruled out.Doctor, I now change very afraid, life will worry, also appear the wound not in public, but a touch the collision and friction is unavoidable, can you help me to explain about the transmission way? Sex and maternal and infant no need to explain, blood transfusion and contains using drugs, I still see what a haircut, the wound of what, make of my hair, play, life trembled and all quick collapse, I want to return to the previous life, happy, I hope you can help me.I in our Chinese BBS on look a lot of material, exposed to air the HIV virus blood of time of death, each are not identical, some said, including AIDS virus blood 1 minute, some said, death is a few seconds of death and said, several hours, even days, and daily life is not clear, the bruises play, a haircut, said shaving, what kind of wound infection, China will become the BBS said, the blood of mucous membrane exposure can infect, saying each are not identical, my English is not very good, I don't think online BBS, I hope that the United States can help me, experts explain/AIDS related knowledge, can?
I'd like to know some problems, hope the doctor give answer, exposed to air virus blood of the time of death? What kind of wounds will meet the blood will infection? A haircut, playing basketball, fight, I own the wound of others, will meet the wound infection? Thank you for your doctor, I really good every day, and fear, and sleep, I hope you can help me
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