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Oral and eye exposure

Hi Doc,

This story goes like this. I had an encounter with a guy in Sweden on April 10th. I performed oral sex on him (I was receptive) for a prolonged time. After that, when he was going to ejaculate, he did it on my face. My eyes were close but I might have opened them a bit and I think a bit of semen went inside my eye. I wash and dry. It stung a bit and my eye went red for like an hour. Later, I realized that I had sort of cuts in my inner upper lip. I guess friction between teeth and lip while sucking. I talked with this guy and he claimed to be STD free. On May 1st (three weeks after that) I begin to see a rash. It is basically on my chest and some times the back of my hands. it is red and blotchy and not raised. It doesn't itch. It goes and comes. It is worse in the mornings and in the evenings. Claritin controls it. Also I have a very very dry mouth. I am consuming a lot of liquids. When I wake up my saliva is very thick and foamy. This began on the 5th week. I took Claritin for 10 days and the rash disappeared but after two days it came back. The same. Appears and disappers, red, not raised, not itchy. I think I might have had / have swollen or at least tender glands under my armpits but I am not sure. I don't actually feel any protuberance but I do feel discomfort and a small area hurts. Although this is better now. No fever or particular long headache (just one day that I neither sleep nor eat well) but a loooooot of anxiety. A bit of pain on one leg. I know oral sex is low risk and there are not cases of transmission with semen in the eye but the rash is very distressing. I actually got tested before this so I do know I was or am negative. I am in a relationship and this was a slip and I have basically stop having sex to not hurt my partner. Please help me doc.
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Well, you need an HIV test don't you.

The chances of HIV acquisition from performing oral sex on an HIV positive male are of the order of 1 in 5000 or so. Rare. But I certainly have patients who have acquired HIV through oral sex alone.

You should test for all the usual suspects including HIV, syphilis and chlamydia and gonorrhoea.

I think your chances of HIV acquisition are low.

kind regards, Sean
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