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I read online that in late stages of hiv the loss of HIV-specific antibodies can lead to false-negative results on rapid HIV tests. Now I am concern that the two oraquick test that Ive taken might have been a false negative and that the one my husband took could have also given him a false negative..My husband had an encounter over 10 yrs ago so we decided to take the oraquick test..but my concern is us waiting as long as 10 yrs to test for the disease that we are in late stages and the test didnt dectect any antibodies which resulted in us getting a false negative..please help
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False negatives and false positives do occur with all medical tests. I'm not aware of any particular excess in these problems with late stage HIV.

If you're concerned you have late stage HIV then you should seek advice and testing from a doctor rather than trying to do that yourself.

I would think though that the result you have received - ie negative for both, is correct.

kind regards, Sean
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