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Dear Doctors, I am a 31 year old male from India,2 years back I had visited a ladies bar in Mumbai,where there was a lady escort who spent time with me.They usually do a handjob,fondling and kissing.In my case there was only fondling and kissing as i was drunk .While kissing what happened is that (i discovered this after i came out of the place)i had a small cut on my gums may be  her tooth had made the cut possibly . A hair line one with a drop of blood -(mine only)  which got cured that day or in  two days.I left it like that .Recently i stumbled upon  this site and has been worried about this incident.I had no symptoms as i was unaware of this no Flu,diaorrhea nothing in the following months .Is there any chance of infection of HIV from this.I have had no other activtity before or after this.I am still a bachelor.What we had was passionate kissing at that time that lasted for max 45 seconds to a minute.I did not feel any blood or sore in her mouth during the kiss , else she would have refrained from passionate kissing  though Icould feel her saliva.I am healthy guy with no smoking and i drink sparingly only  after that also no major illness than 2 viral fevers this year .Do i require testing for the same as my country has high number of HIV Infected CSW and maybe escorts also.I have read that the risk of transmission is rare through kissing .But what worries me is the bite,my country being a high risk one for infected CSW and Escorts.Please help me in this regards.I am getting a good overseas job for which i need medicals.I am worried about this incident.
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Thank you very much for your post and welcome to our forum.
Kissing does not involve any risk of HIV infection, even if the is some blood in the mouth.  The reason for this is because saliva neutralises the virus.  Not a single case has been documented of anyone becoming infected this way.  Therefore no need to be concerned and no need to be tested.  However if you are going to be worried about this, you can always have a simple antibody test, which I can assure you it will negative.
Best wishes,
Dr José
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Dear Sir,I take your assurance and am not getting tested as part of new job they may do it.You have helped in shedding quite a big load from my shoulders.With a lucrative job and marriage round the corner i was little bit afraid.Thanks a lot  again.
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Dear Sir,I Saw a recent post where someone claimed affected by kissing.Is there any logic to it.HE is very active sexually.Please clarify.My anxiety is increasing.
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Hi what happened ,No activity from the doctors side on the forum,are all on leave?
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Dear Sir ,
Got tested and the results are negative,thanks a lot.
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