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Really scared, even after tested

Went to see a shemale escort, I wanted her to engage me in anal sex so I told her to put on a condom, she didn't so, she tried to stick it in but it hurt so much I cringed and she didn't penetrate all the way. she put on a condom and I made sure and she tried again but failed. I went home feeling like crap guilty, bad, dirty, I got really stressed and started to cry. Went after 6 days and got a full 8 panel test, everything came back negative. In the meantime I called her once and asked her if she was clean she said yes. Then I read the 8 panel test is to early for that detection, so 12 later I did the early hiv detection test. Now I'm waiting and very nervous feel like crap and can't sleep, please give me any words of encouragement if you can anyone :(

I also called her again after the first time and begged her to tell me if she was 100% sure she said she was.
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Thank you for your post.
It seems that the risk of HIV infection in this case is low.  This is becuase there was no full penetration, and this was very brief without any ejaculation.  Therefore I suspect that you are going to be fine.  It is important that you get tested because the risk is not zero, even though it is low.  The early detection test (PCR RNA) has a high level of relibility after 10 days.  I am sure that it will be negative.
Best wishes,
Dr José
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