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Dear Dr,Sean

I had exposure 5 months ago with SW.Oral unprotected ,and protected vaginal/anal.After 3 months I develop symptoms of dry mouth,chills and rumbling stomak.I tested for HIV with ICMA antibody/antigenp24 at 3 1/2 months mark,and second time with DETERMINE DUO at 4 1/2 months mark all NEGATIVE (Thanks God).
Can you please explain if my tests are CONCLUSIVE and can I have unprotected sex with my partner and do I need further testing?
I have tested also for all STD Negative and HEPATITIS B,C aswell.

Brgds and Thanks
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Good Morning!

Lovely sunny day in London today.

You're fine.

Firstly, you didn't have an exposure at all - you had protected vaginal and anal sex which means that you will not have acquired HIV from this lady even if she was HIV positive - which is unlikely.

Secondly, you've had two very good tests at very good inetravls and both are negative.

Consequently, no risk x 2 negative HIV tests = a resounding definite HIV negative status.

best wishes, Sean
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Thanks for your good reply Sean.I dont know but some suggest 6 months testing for me today is 3 days missing to be at 5 months mark.Do you think I can test again or is unecesarry since I get tested 2 weeeks ago.Every little while I get under stress and very unlinkly will be happy until I dont get 6 months negative result.
Please advice .

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Hi thebody75

Testing methods etc have improved over time. The six month window period is out of date and by todays testing standards unnecessary.

The key though to all HIV scenarios is risk.

You dind't have one - therefore if you test on day 1 or day 1001 the result will be the same = negative.

best regards, Sean
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Thanks for this Dr.Sean this is really good to know.I can only say you are doing great job and help for all people who are at pottential risk.Thank for your comments has been of great help to me.
I wish you all the best and Big Thanks one more time.

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Dear Dr.Sean, I'm 25 male. After appearing all the possible symptoms of HIV, my blood turned to be negative. Following symptoms were constant pain Inside the head, pain gets worse if I shake, walk faster, jump. Nauseau, rash, vomiting, mild fever, sorethroat, fatigue, joint pain, mild cough, can't sleep for long time, loss weight, loss appetite. My concern is if it was symptoms of HIV. Or do HIV viruses not seen in blood after all these above symptoms. Or what is this.... Plz help, getting paranoid.. God bless.
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You must start a thread that is dedicated to your question and in this section there is a fee associated with it.

If you want free advice go over to the HIV forum, if you want a Dr's opinion/advice please do as stated above.
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Thanks for you help Dr.Sean

I had another test at Clinic for Infectious disease HIV 1/2, HEP A,B,C in Croatia this is anonimmus testing they gave me number only.I have been waiting for this test results for 7 days since over there are pretty outdated and they still advice people to come 6 months after exposure to do repeated test.
The Lab over there is using ELISA 4th gen. and my results are all NEGATIVE.I just whanted to share with you my last result because this will be my last test since I am now convinced that 3 consecutive test should be enough conclusive.
Give me your toughts and Big Thanks for your advice and HELP.
For the rest I can only advice do follow my example just test at pass 3 months as DR.Sean say before only one test after 13 week for conclusive result and status.

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