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Scared of HIV exposure

Dear Medical Professional,

I had another male of unknown status insert his penis inside me without a condom.   It lasted for less than a second (as soon as i felt it i pulled back)

We then continued to have sex (this time protected with a condom, intact)

I have had a few hiv tests, the last one at 7 weeks that was negative.  

In canada, they are telling me that i have to wait 3 months for an accurate result.   I'm not sure where I stand and would appreciate your professional opinton
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Well, its slightly difficult because I don't know what sort of generation HIV test you have had.

If, as I suspect, you have had a modern 3rd generation HIV test such as the INSTI which is actually made in Canada, then you have a result at 6 weeks which is greater than 99% accurate.

The duration of the event was extremely brief by your description and so I believe it would be unlikely to have resulted in HIV infection anyway.

The key to different tests in different parts of the world is that the different doctors operating there know the limitations of their tests which means that you need really to discuss it further with your doctor and to ascertain the reliability and generation of the test used.

Best wishes, Sean

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Hi there.   I found out that my rapid test is the new insti from biolytical labs approved by health canada accurate to 99.6 perecent

Should i continue testing or rest easy?

Thank you doctor
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I would be happy with that result with that excellent test.

Bear in mind that the test has only tested for HIV. Hopefully you have been tested for other STD's as well - if not my advice is to return to your provider and have these done.

I think the INSTI HIV test you have had done is excellent. We use them very commonly.

best regards, Sean
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