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Sore skin

Hello Doctors and thank you in advance,
I recently visited an escort that I have seen a few times, she is Romanian, living in London and is articulate and intelligent, not that that is entirely relevant. We had protected oral and vaginal sex and the condom remained intact throughout, I also used some poppers during the sex.
The following day I noticed that a patch of dry skin had formed on the outside of my penis about half way up. This area was a little red and quite painful to the touch. I applied some moisturising cream and it seems to be improving, however, when I examine my penis now I can see what look like tiny red cracks and it is still a little sore but improving.
SO... The reason I'm writing all this is that I'm becoming concerned that these sore areas may have already been there when I had sex and, as one area is really quite low ( about 1 - 1 1/2 inches from the base ) it may have come into contact with her vaginal fluid?
I realise that the chances of her even being positive are low and that using condoms correctly is highly effective but I would be very grateful to hear your views on my situation.
I should point out that I have seen no blood and the area appears to be improving

Once again thank you
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I have a feeling of deja vu with this post as I am certain I have answered it already - maybe on the freedomhealth site - seems very familiar.

Anyway, the key is that your protected the head of the penis with all it's sensitive and vulnerable cells by using a condom. The dry patch of skin is not relevant in terms of HIV exposure and you will not acquire it this way even if she was HIV positive (and which you say is unlikely in itself).

I am certain that you will be fine from this episode.

kind regards, Sean
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Dr thanks, I thought that would be the case but just wanted to hear it from an expert, as for the Deja-vu it wasn't me honest!
I did try to use your forum initially but something was up with the confirmation procedure so I came here instead

Thanks again
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