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I'm sorry to re-ask the same question but I want to make sure that this question is understood to be in regards to HIV and Hepatitis and all other Stds. I'm very anxious and just want to make sure that the scenario that I posted earlier and am re-posting below encompasses HIV, hepatits, and all other stds. Dr Jose answered my question and just wanna make sure he was aware that im interested not only hiv but other stds as well. Thank u and I apologize for being repetitive but I'm bout to get engaged and just want to be sure that Ur answer encompasses all stds. Thanks again for Ur help and here is the scenario again:
I asked thi would like to ask a question about hiv and std's. I recently went and had blood drawn at a labcorp and I noticed that the nurse or phlebotomist had a puncture/hole in her glove which she did not replace from the previous patient/patients. Now she had some red stain on her glove which could have been blood from the previous patient or it could have been blood from herself as she may have had a cut where blood had seeped thru her hole in the glove. so my questions are 1) if the phlebotomist did have a cut where blood seeped thru the puncture hole in the glove and she was in fact HIV positive or had some other std could she have infected me if she touched the needle and accidently put on the needle before going into my arm. Im worried about the thought of her contaminating the needle before injecting it in my arm; and 2) if the previous patient had HIV and got blood on the phlebotomists gloves and then touched the needle thereby contaminating the needle before injecting in my arm could I get HIV or any other STD? 3) could the phlebotomist have infected me by touching my puncture wound with infected blood on her gloves from herself or the previous patient..Im sorry for the length and detail of the questions but im freaked out bc the nurse/phlebotomist never changed gloves from the previous patient and seeing red stain scared me. thank you.  
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I honestly believe that you are totally overreacting and all these scenarios are purely theoretical and highly unlikely to have happened.  I do not think that you need to worry about STDs, because you did not engage in any kind of sexual activity, and you are worried about the possibility of an infection with a blood-borne virus, such as HIV, Hepatitis B and C.
1.) If anything so implausible like this had happened, of course there is a possibility of being infected with any of these viruses, but a significant amount of blood would have had to come into contact with the needle or your puncture point, that you would have noticed.  Besides you are assuming that the person taking the blood had one of these infections, highly unlikely.  Therefore I do not believe that this could have happened!
2.) This is highly unlikely and practically impossible to infect you as you w would need significant amount of blood on the glove, assuming that the previous patient was infected, and also the virus does not survive very long outside of the body.  Totally improbable and as mad as the first scenario!
3.) I doubt this very much so.
My advice to you is not to worry and forget about it.
Best wishes,
Dr José
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